Friday, September 17, 2010

24 7 365 p*ssy stays on my mind

#1- opening October 8 in Seatle @ SAM

#2 oh, man The National Splits, buy it for 5 bucks 
<a href="">Breakaways by Mike Downey</a>


Friday, September 10, 2010

Man, 4 day weeks never seem like 4 day weeks, nah sayen? here is a half way or all the way mostly sort of done large piece, about 2ft tall by 4 ft wide with description by Sandy Shirley
“Marooned Five” is a meditation series on the place of females within the redefined geometrical space that we find ourselves inhabiting. Its two creators -- partners-by-birth Greg and Fake Petre, who were born in America (as males) -- sought to reimagine five distinct “arquetypes” (spelling is intentionally anachronistic, so sic.) of woman. From left to right, they are: Shame, Insecurity, Contentedness, Materialism, and Contempt. The rippling green info-capitalistic grid they stand upon represents the shifting nature of the world we choose to be present in. In some cases, the choice is not ours. Greg and Fake aim to expose the nuts and bolts of the physical world within the confines of the infinite, and are also interested in leasing their creative expertise (for a fee) to creators of animatronics and other latex-related business machines.

#2...Flash Back Friday


#4...  or