Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Greg and Fake; Top 20 Music Countdown 2013

1-Lil Durk - 52 Bars (Part 2) 
oh man, so this is the hardest verse of the year by far. Young Chop and Lil Durk put together 3+ minutes that are just nuts.  Our Number one slot by far.   Like there should be at least one empty spot between this song and the next song.  

2-Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines
Everybody likes this song

3-Vampire Weekend - Diane Young
The whole album is fucking great, but yah the is video rad as hell. Smoking weed out of a saxaphone, lawlz.

4-King Louie - Hang Wit Me
The week this song came out i had it on repeat like non stop. 

5-Sky Ferreira - You're Not The One
Another great album, and this song just has a weird timeless feel to it. 2 quote Mark Pearsall, "a pretty girl that sings like an angel", but that was 1993 and he was talking about Mazzy Star

6-Denzel Curry - Threatz (Feat. Yung Simmie & Robb Bank$) Prod. Ronny J
Denzel and Simmie and Robb just came out of no where with this anthem.  His album Nostalgic 64 is totally a solid listen with rad art work and he probally has the best logo going right now.

7-Miley Cyrus-We Can't Stop
Probally the most important song of the year. Like if we go 20 years in to the future, this is the song we will remember.

8-Lady Gaga - Applause
She came back with this track.  Remember like, idk, 3 or so years ago when Bad Romance came out and how good that was. Then she followed that up with the telephone song with Beyonce, another great song. And then she put out second album and dressed like a dude, and it was gross and not good.  But this song is good, i mean, i still think she is annoying, but this song is pretty fucking good.

9-Kleenex Girl Wonder - Thelema & Louise
Yah, us and Graham go back a long time, but what can i say, his songs speak to us.  The video is actually creepy and a bit scary, so...

10-Javelin and The Hood Internet Feat Alex Wiley  - G-Unit Spinner Chain
best song title of the year, for sure.

11-Chief Keef - Macaroni Time
Chief Keef has had like 3 of the best songs of the last 2 years or so, the energy and emotion in Dont Like and Love Sosa was pretty special.  Like i dont know him and i cant tell by looking in to his eyes what he is all about, you know.  I am not sure, as he goes thru the music industry system if he will keep putting out interesting tracks or not.  But this song was cool .

12-Kanye West - Bound 2
i just put this after Chief Keef to make Kanye mad

Juice has been around for ever and these new tracks are really solid, really great video

14-Katie Got Bandz Ft. Dreezy, Lil Herb, Lil Bibby - Knock A Hoe
another rap track by some chicago kids that is really fucking great

15- Chester Watson - "Phantom" 
Yah, this came out in January of this year and has stood up.  Chester is kinda of a weird dude,

16 -Eminem - Rap God
idk, i liked this song and berserk.

17-King Krule - Easy Easy
this kids voice is crazy, sounds like its from an 80's movie

18-Kitty ft Lacutis - Ay Shawty 3.0
kitty is pretty cute for a white girl and the lakutis verse is really good

19-Ciara - I'm Out ft. Nicki Minaj
this one is probably more visual for me, but yah its an ok song

20-Busta Rhymes ft. Nicki Minaj - #Twerkit
Hes just got such a big head, every bodies bodies are just all wack proportions, so ya, good video