Tuesday, December 27, 2011

like 4 or so verbal updates

#1 - We will have a bunch of framed paintings of ours on display in January at the Pete's Barber Shop.  There will be a Opening Party on Sunday January 8th from between 7pm-9pm  - all the event details can be found here... http://www.facebook.com/events/312982718733043/ ...if you cant make it that Sunday, feel free to stop in and take a look any time in January, get your self a haircut!

Pete's Barber Shop:
2873 N. Elston Chicago Il. 60618


Sunday & Monday CLOSED
Tues-Fri 11am-8pm
Sat 9am-3pm

#2 - We will have a piece in this years Dirty Show in Detroit, February 10-18

#3 - We will be at this years C2E2 at McCormick Place in Chicago From April 13-15

#4 - We will be doing a event later on in 2012 with the fine people at the Catawampus Gallery in Chicago
In the mean time please check out there just updated website

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

People and Things WE DUG from the NYCC

#1 - Felipe Echevarria Fem Drops, is super well done www.felipe.tv 
#2 - So dudes, www.blastfurnacecomic.com by Ryan Browne is bonkers, he does the GodHatesAstronauts but this is way better.  "You made a giant robot business man out of smaller robot business men?"

#3 - www.mimoco.com is flash drives and bunch of super nice people who work there
#4 - The www.cluttermagazine.com is back in print and with a vengeance, all kind of toys and stuff
#5 - Lars and the http://blog.sidekicklab.com/ is possibly the best thing ever for some one like me who has monster boxes full of 80's trading cards, check out the arthustle and the suckadelic brands they push

#6 - So we sat next to Brian Anderson and his polyoptictoys.blogspot.com, just starting out on his custom toys after spending years doing animation work for a big studio
#7 - and we sat next Trampt.com, Keegan and his wife screamed great customer service, their website is the number one way to track and manage and trade and sell your art/toy collection 
#8 - nistuff.com, go getta bag full of their toys
#9 - traded with seibei.com awesome shirts, awesome logo
#10 - met Johnny Earle, the main dude at johnnycupcakes.com incredible story on how he went from a van to stores in the US and Europe, stay punk rock
#11 - hung out with zander cannon for a minute, young adult horror fiction comic, zandercannon@gmail.com
#12 - met Dan Armand of 1xRun, limited edition art prints 1xrun.com 
#13 - talked to mike maydak, http://mikemaydak.com/  he has a awesome new book available, got to his website to check out some awesome bounty hunter paintings
#14 - Second show now that i have had the pleasure of talking to William Brimstone.  HoundComics.com
#15 - eenkist.com gave us some stickers 

so this was like some of the people we ran into last weekend at the #NYCC,