Saturday, September 28, 2013

Stuff in October - - You know

ok so a list of Greg and Fake related items coming at you this October

#1 - We colored the Hoax Hunters short story in the CBLDF Liberty Annual 2013, penciled by @supajoe and written by @michaelmoreci and @steveseeleyart

#2 - We colored issue #2 of Mercy Sparx from @DevilsDue, penciled and inked by Matt Merhoff

#3 - @RyanBrowneArt 's  God Hates Astronauts gets reprinted by Image - so we have a pin up and the Gnarled Winslow origin story that shows up in that book - - even if you have the original self published hardcover, u know u need to get the image version to compare, :)

#4 - Issue Eleven of Hoax Hunters means a brand new 2 page AMERICAN NATURE back up story.  This time we bring to you Doctor Mucsles from the Bogus Books.

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