Thursday, April 25, 2013

THe Greg and Fake C2E2 Preview Post

Just because we will not be at C2E2 this year does not mean you should not go!  Here is our list of must do's while attending this years show.

#1 - Hit up the Hoax Hunter Team in artist alley! Obviously!! Duh!  Go bother Mike and Steve and ask them questions they won't be able to answer in regards to their just optioned for a feature film(not a joke comic book.  Tell them how much you love the American Nature back ups they run in each issue.  Steve will have some limited edition screen prints that you totally want, for real!
Hoax Hunter comic book from Image Comics

Steve Seeley Screen Prints

#2 - Hit up our friends from Austin Texas(Robert and Austin) who run Bogus Books in Artist Alley!  If you don't know now would be a good time to meet them, you know, NSA.  But it would be appreciated if you pick up either of their product Holli Hoxxx or Doctor Muscles, the best books you havent read.  There will be a limited edition Dr Muscles trade with a a special Chicago themed cover drawn and colored by us, Greg and Fake, no lie.

#3 - Hit up Nerfect in the Block, for all your tshirt and toy and stuff needs.  Some of the best original all ages stuff going.
#4 - Hit up Ryan Browne in Artist Alley, why not.  He will have copies of his new Hardcover God Hates Astronauts book for sale.  We have 3 pages in that book, thats like 2% of that book, u need one!!  He will also have some limited editon GHA toys, look at these pics.  Probably the best packaging!

#5 - Hit up Nick Pitarra in Artist Alley, he drove all the way from Texas to attend. His Book the Manhattan Project is one of the most exciting reads going right now.  Awesome print for sale, check it out!
#5 - Hit up Jason Keith Phillips in Artist Alley, he will be hyping his book Dredlok that is in the final leg of its Kickstarter.  Oh did i mention we have a pin up in that book?  Click on the Kickstarter link to check it out.
#6 - Hit up Devils Due Publishing booth.  They are pushing their new titles Plume and Mercy Sparx.  They will have prints of this pretty awesome ArcAngel that we totally colored.
#7- there is tons of other stuff and other peoples you should check as well, but these for sure if you just have time to do six things.

u just got beef jammed

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